Saturday, June 25, 2011

Knocks the socks Sungazing House Green Building Standards: Passive House, Zero Net Energy, LEED

Knocks the socks Sungazing Home Green Building Standards: Passive Residence, Zero net energy, LEED Residence Sungazing, winner of Green Builder Media Green House in 2010 prices, which indicates that significant shows for budding builders and owners to meet green everywhere. The hotel is situated at an altitude of 6900 meters in Park City, Utah, Sungazing Home experience mean annual temperatures about 35 degrees and much more than 10,000 heating degree days per year. Undaunted by the challenge

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  1. Yes, the Sungazing House is an excellent piece of green real estate. However, I’d like to point out it’s not the hotel, but the O’Meara family residence. The idea of such ultra energy-efficient home was initiated by the family and inspired by the Passiv Haus movement.