Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do put a timer on my water heater save me gas money with my electric bill?

Some new stores electric power system on Tip: question slappzilla : Is putting a timer on my gas water heater save me income on my electric bill A person mentioned putting a timer on my gas water heater to save on my electric bill. Is it or is it just the use of gas as properly in cold water that was sitting in the hot, it really is a water heater PowerVent Greatest answer: response Tommy No, it is gas. Do not place it .... timer water heater to remain in the days to hot .. Enter below

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  2. Hmm... This is tough, since there are a lot of points to be weighed. As for me, the timer is a good idea, since it can help you monitor your water heater usage. That way, you can save on your water bills and avoid wasting water.

    -Jasmin Shakespeare